This is fuckin MASTERPIECE!! It has been years since I rated a movie with the score 10 out of 10….

Just found this pearl :)


Very very catchy riff, well thats Johnny :)

Not saying it turned out really great, but still a good attempt.

I went to Off Festival at Katowice this year:

1. I saw Neutral Milk Hotel for the second time in my life and it was as amazing as it was the first time, the best shows/concerts I have ever experienced in my life!!!

2. Deafheaven might be the only metal band I listen to but definitely the best :)

3. To dance in mosh pit during Andrew W. K. show totally barefoot is a good way how to prove yourself that even tough you are almost 30, you are still fuckin stupid teen kid :P

4. When you feel you have met the right person why to wait? Especially when you have a chance to ask question “will you marry me” during Belle and Sebastian show AKA I have proposed to my girlfriend and she said YES!!!

There is a lot more I could write but I think these highlights are satisfactory :P :D

Bits of Katowice


VyŇ°ehrad by my mobile phone

What a movie!

What a movie!