The best about traveling alone are those unexpected things happening all the time - this photo was taken in Belgrade while I was waiting for a train to Zagreb. Actually according to internet I should wait for this train for 30 minutes, but when i get off at the Belgrade station I realized that schedules are changed and its 5 hours. I did not know what to do so I went to this place, which I liked a lot during my last visit in capitol of Serbia. And here while sitting on the bench and listening to Goran Bregovic I realized that 3/4 meters next to me is sitting Bill Murray. I can swear it was him - I even heard him talking to police officer, who did not know who he is talking to. I was telling to myslef I should go and ask for an autograph but I just had no courage. And I didn’t want to be like paparazzi so I just took a photo of him from behind. Next time I am definitely going to ask Bill to sign this photo for me :)

If you find yourself in Belgrade, definitely visit this castle and spend 20 min of your time sitting and enjoying the view of Sava joining Danube. Even Bill did so ;)